An explosion is the rapid release of large amounts of energy in a confined space due to chemical, physical, material or nuclear changes. Due to the sudden expansion the gas is heavily compressed.

Guard Anti Explo material is a unique product made from a special metal alloy in accordance with the patented technology. In 100% of cases the Guard Anti Explo eliminate an explosion of oil and liquefied gas in any type of container.

The material works solely on the basis of physical principles and does not change the chemical properties of protected materials.

The Guard Anti Explo Suppression System prevents the formation of destructive pressures after the ignition of vapors or gases. ”Quenching” inhibits flame propagation by dividing a container into small cells, A porous filler mass of high heat absorptivity, Guard Anti Explo absorbs the heat released during the reaction.

Guard Anti Explo is suitable for multiple applications and is maintenance free even in the most demanding conditions.  Guard Anti Explo can be represented as a grid or balls of different diameters.