The solar cleaning robot is the key of solar electric generation in arid areas.

Guard Solar’s Robot products, designed based on field research to provide the high quality and the best cost-effective solution, are achieved with mechanical design and control technology backed by the latest research achievements and years of experience.

  • The cleaning cost becomes 80% off.
  • Without using any water.
  • Easy carrying and lightweight.
  • Built-In Sensors and Autonomous Control.
  • The automated robots can move smoothly over PV modules.
  • No water required (Comprehensive Dry Cleaning).

Drones have long since ceased to be toys, but very serious devices that carry out inspections, can save human lives or perform cleaning in dangerous places.

Cleaning the windows has never been an easy task. With the implementation of Window Cleaning drones, building maintenance will become more efficient and safer. Window Cleaning drones will ensure a safe work environment without ropes and scaffolding. In this article we will focus more on how drones can change the industry.

Drones can range greatly in size, capabilities and cost. And the world market for this technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. With such investment taking place, it’s clear the global cleaning and hygiene industry is taking notice.

This includes the aircraft, the control station and the communication link,
not just the vehicle itself.

Design, innovative and solid structures, effective solutions for all applications
and the exclusive, ample sand collection hopper make Guard Road
Sweeper the perfect work tool for all seasons, places and times, regardless of temperatures, sun or rain.

Comprehensive Solution for Hydrocarbons and hydrocarbons contaminated materials treatment

Guard MegaMACS is an in situ solution, allowing for the processes
of tank cleaning and waste processing to be done by one machine.

The Guard MegaMacs system is a mobile, energy independent solution that is easily adaptable for local conditions and variety of projects related to cleaning tanks, pits, etc. The system is modular and can meet any customer’s requirements.

The main unit extracts sludge, performs preliminary sludge separation and is able to clean tanks to the level of welding repairs. Production capacity is up to 15 cubic meters/hr of sludge.

The three-phase centrifuge further separates removed sludge (a mix of oil, water, solids) received after main unit processing. The output content depends on the initial sludge composition and customer requirements. Excellent oil quality can be achieved using this unit. Production capacity is 15 cubic meters/hr.

Both units are completely mobile and energy independent. They are moved around by a regular truck with 5th wheel device. As the units finish cleaning one oil storage tank, they are trucked to the next tank. The time required for mobilization and demobilization is 4 hours each. The units able to operate up to 150m. from the tank and can be placed outside the bund-wall.