Guard Sanitizing Gate FAQs

What is Guard Sanitizing Gate?

Due to the current pandemic of COVID 19 where the market has become bearish, Our company comes with an innovative product which caters not only present need but also fulfills the technological futuristic aspect of sanitizing. With our Guard Sanitizing Gate, you will be worry free and able to get your employees back to work. GSG is an automatic 360-Degree disinfect walk through gates that Reducing the danger of viruses by disinfecting and sterilizing your body in just 5-7 seconds.

What are the product features?

Our general features include the following:

  • Automated lighting
  • Hand Disinfection
  • 60-degree comprehensive automatic disinfection
  • Fast Nebulization Disinfect
  • Made of Aluminum Composite Panel
  • High precision, rapid and efficient temperature measurement
  • Modular and Branded Design
  • It’s Plug and Play. No separate installation is required
  • Safe on skin

Bonus: Its design makes it Eco Friendly which is perfect to fulfill needs of your Corporate Social Responsibility.

What are those awesome optional features?

  • A thermo camera
  • 10-inch LCD screen for face detectors
  • Face recognition system will help to eliminate the finger scan for daily attendance purpose.
  • The gate has an alarm feature as well, which triggers if the body temperature of the person is higher than the normal body temperature.

What is the tank capacity and features?

Guard Sanitizing Gate comes with a built-in tank that can accommodate 60 liters of disinfect liquid. It means you can disinfect over 4000 people . Isn’t it a WOW deal?

How much time it takes to disinfect one person?

Our revolutionary GSG unit takes only 5-7 Seconds to disinfect one person with its 360-degree fogging technology.

Is there any special sanitizer for the GSG?

Dubai Municipality, Public Health & Safety Department has approved SterixEco as Disinfect. Its non-toxic odorless chemical component, which follows the safety regulations is a perfect match for GSG.

How to use SterixEco and is it cost effective?

SterixEco is Dubai Municipality approved product which makes it eco friendly and easy to use. 1 liter of SterixEco Disinfect needs tobe diluted with 11 liters of water. Now that’s make it every cost effective. Cost of 1 liter pure SterixEco Disinfect: AED 100, so technically it’s the price of 11 Liters.

How much does it cost per person?

For your surprise, the cost per person “Less than AED 0.1”. Yes! you read it right. With 60 liters of disinfect ‘SL of the sanitizer diluted in SSL of water’, you can accommodate over 4000 people.

What is the price of one GSG unit?

With the modern design and innovative technology, our price is very market competitive with awesome optional features. Please feel free to contact us to offer you the best prices.

Are we offering free delivery?

For the promotional period, delivery is FREE.

Do we offer discounts?

Oh yes, we do offer discounts. Higher quantity, better discount.

Do we export to other GCC countries?

We are here to cater your requirements. Oman and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are on our list.

What is our production capacity?

Guard Sanitizing Gate is a UAE based company; with a progressive work force we are able to make 10 units in a day.

Any warranty/guarantee?

Yes!! We offer 1-year warranty and guarantee. Our customer care team will provide all the after sales service whenever required, by using SterixEco material only.

What about branding?

Our company does provide branding on Guard Sanitizing Gate. If you want the logo, its for free as part of our customer care.

Do We provide design assistance for branding?

Yes, we do provide a separate complete brand design assistance if required.

What is the cost of installation? Does it require any extra training?

GSG is designed as a user-friendly gate which comes with Plug and Play technology. There is no installation cost and no training required on the same. IT’S EASY.

What’s next?

We will ecstatic to serve you, as for your customer. Please feel free to contact us.