Indoor Disinfection Robot
Thorough disinfection with No missing

Guard Robot is a disinfection robot committed to the intelligent disinfection and epidemic prevention of indoor spaces with high population density and strong mobility.

By using Guard Robot SLAM patented positioning and navigation solution, combined with high-performance atomization module, Guard Robot can achieve 6log-level of disinfection effect, which strongly improves the safety of environmental sanitation.

New intelligent disinfection planning
The disinfection requirements are intelligently analyzed according to the usage scenarios, the disinfection rout and duration are independently planned to fully cover the environmental space

Voice patrol for early warning
With real-time voice broadcast, transparent epidemic prevention and disinfection process, rolling playback of anti-epidemic knowledge, we can make the crowd feel at ease with the robot and rest assured of disinfection

3D obstacle avoidance-Ensure safety
2 INTEL® REALSENSE™ RGBD sensors enable the robot to detect obstacles precisely Stop immediately when confronting obstacles

Safety certification, Guard Me can meet the requirement of certification

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Guard Robot
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byPaul Belino onGuard Robot
Amazing Products!

What an amazing product! Very useful for the current situation to sanitize our rooms and to avoid human contact.